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Windows Weekly
Episode 237


  • Office coming to iPad? One unsourced report says it will in 2012
    • That said, I did get a little email from a friend at Microsoft and...
    • $10 bucks per app is also unlikely... unless they are stripped-down/Office Web App-like apps (I'd guess)
    • I wasn't told any details, but if they're like OWA or Office Starter, $10 per makes sense.
  • Xbox 360 thunders ahead on Black Friday
    • 800,000 consoles in one day, 960,000 over BF week, 750,000 Kinects
    • Imagine how many they could sell if the Kinect actually worked
    • How many of these are repeat buyers getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th consoles. If Twitter is an indicator, LOTS
    • Next week: Xbox dashboard update goes live and TV services then cleared to go (like Verizon FiOS TV bundle)
  • SkyDrive quietly gets a major overhaul
    • It's no iCloud, but SkyDrive is looking better than ever
    • Office Web Apps gets a minor update, too
  • New MSE beta bits are out
    • Microsoft Security Essentials next version is in testing. New final release in 2012?
  • Yahoo takeover rumors swirl
    • Microsoft is apparently part of a group that would buy a minority stake and sell off Alibaba. But Alibaba is trying to grab all of Yahoo, according to reports.
  • Amazon sells "millions" of Kindle devices
    • Finally, a viable iPad competitor. Now, where's Windows 8?

Tip of the Week: Experience Windows Phone on iPhone or Android

  • And then cry because you have to go back to your old phone. A new Windows Phone emulator gives you a chance to walk on the wild side

Software Pick of the Week: Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPad

  • Activision delivers a version of the beloved Call of Duty "Zombies" games for the iPad (and iPhone). This one includes a classic Zombies mode but also "Dead-Ops Arcade," a top down shooter with 50 levels of its own. What's not to love? Well, it's a bit expensive ($6.99). But it's well worth it.

Enterprise Pick of the Week: SQL Azure Data Sync

  • MS seeks a way to share data between on-premises SQL Server and SQL Azure applications for hybrid on-premises and cloud-based applications

Codename Pick of the Week: Protogon

  • The file system that was seen in early builds of WIn 8 has a new (possibly final) name: ReFS -- relational file system, perhaps?

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