Windows Weekly 238

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Windows Weekly
Episode 238


  • Confirmed: Windows 8 Beta in Late February
    • As rumored, Windows 8 Beta won't ship till late February. Is this a delay? Is it serious?
    • Related: IDC says Win 8 to be "largely irrelevant on PCs"… Discuss!
    • Desktop Apps on Win 8 on ARM: Anything new to say this week?
    • Plus: The return of squirting!? Say it ain't so!
  • Windows Store Details Emerge
    • 70/30 split until $25,000 in revenues, then 80/20.
    • Free apps at Beta; paid, free, and trial later
    • Business users to get private marketplace option for Metro apps only (it seems)
    • Plus some interesting numbers from Microsoft.
  • Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Goes Live
    • A bit late, but it's there
    • What's new, what's changed, and why this is a big deal
    • Microsoft Delivers Xbox LIVE Companion App for Windows Phone ... Plus Xbox LIVE App for iOS
    • A sleeping giant awake, sort of.. But where's the Android version?
  • Verizon Wireless vs. Windows Phone
    • For once, a wireless carrier has a reasonable demand. Why doesn't Windows Phone really support 4G??
    • Related: T-Mobile and Nokia to announce next week the Nokia 710 -- first Nokia phone coming to U.S.
  • Carrier IQ
    • Serious privacy invasion or latest example of much ado over nothing?

Software Pick of the Week: Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone

  • Microsoft releases a most curious app for Windows Phone users. But does it really make sense to control your Xbox from the phone?

Software Pick of the Week #2: My Xbox LIVE for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

  • Microsoft brings Windows Phone's Games hub to iOS in the form of My Xbox LIVE. It's a great little app, especially the iPad version.

Enterprise Pick of the Week: Exchange Server 2010 SP2

  • Another example of MS taking steps to connect on-prem and cloud with tools, services

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