Windows Weekly 239

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Windows Weekly
Episode 239


  • A year later than expected, a "flood" of Microsoft apps for iOS finally arrive ... Plus, Two for Android!
    • OneNote for the iPad; Lync communications for iPhone/iPad (in the midst of approval); Kinectimals; and SkyDrive for iPhone
    • And now Hotmail for Android too!
    • Plus: Speaking of the opening of Microsoft, how about XMPP support for Windows Live Messenger?
  • MS to start autoupdating users to latest version of IE
    • Following in the footsteps of Mozilla and Chrome -- except with more opt-out options
    • A good move for MS? For devs? For business users? Consumers?
  • TV and Entertainment Content comes to Xbox LIVE
    • Hands on with Verizon FIOS, YouTube, iHeartRadio, TMZ, and SyFy. Well, not TMZ.
  • Windows Phone SMS attack bug: Update
    • Not really an "attack". And not just SMS, nor just Windows Phone.
    • Related: New Windows Phone apps out this week: HealthVault client, SkyDrive app
    • MS' "gimmick" to reward Android phone users affected by malware with a Win Phone yields 3,400 applicants (MS says) "Winning!"
  • Nokia rumor roundup: What's coming in 2012
    • First Nokia phone in U.S. (as expected) is the 710 on T-Mobile. $50 bucks on T-Mobile as of Jan. 11
    • Rumors of Nokia testing LTE phones with Verizon and AT&T
    • Will we hear more at CES?
    • MJF has one tipster saying Verizon gets Nokia phone of some sort in March/April
  • Microsoft (finally) rolls out, its latest social-networking project
  • FUSE Labs' latest 'experiment' is aimed at students and is all about visual search and sharing
  • Silverlight 5: The end of the road or not?
    • MS still not talking, but they did say SL5 is supported through 2021 (implying to many that this is the last major release)
    • So what's the story for WP devs? LOB devs? Xbox Live TV?

Tip of the Week: Make Windows Live Messenger suck a little less

Software Pick of the Week: Microsoft Apps for iOS and Android

  • iOS: Kinectimals, Lync, SkyDrive, OneNote, Halo Waypoint, My Xbox LIVE, Bing, and Photosynth, oh my!
  • Android: Just Lync so far. Have yourself a Microsoft Christmas.

Enterprise pick of the week: MAP Toolkit 6.5

Codename pick of the week: Roswell

  • It's all about the Big Data

Software Pick of the Week

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