Windows Weekly 92

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Windows Weekly
Episode 92

This week on Windows Weekly Paul and Leo talk about New economics, Gmail goes offline, IE8 RC1, Windows 7 UAC, iTunes Plus, and more.


Discussion of the Windows 7 - is it ready to be released early?

  • Campaign to release Windows 7 early referring to Leo and Paul
  • Leo says that after installing Windows 7 he finds it difficult to go back to Vista
  • Is Windows 7 UAC dangerous ... or just useless?
  • Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng have discovered that the dumbed-down UAC in Windows 7 is easy to bypass and could be used to compromise PC

Do More with Less: How to Survive in Today's Economic Reality

  • A Microsoft marketing mantra becomes a life mantra for all of us
  • Stretching PC/technology lifetimes
  • Saying no to new gadgets ... Every time we peddle something people don't need, we lose a slice of our soul
  • Reassessing what it is you really need to get work done
  • Paul's "28 Days Later" concept: Revisiting things Paul's reviewed or recommended: Do they stand the test of time?
  • Next "Everything Must Go" event: Late February
  • Not just about spending less - decrease tech life's overhead as well
  • v. small ex: Paul doesn't install/configure any Firefox add-ons - 7 less things to do on reinstall

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 release

  • Near-final, "platform-complete" version of Microsoft's next browser
  • For XP, Vista, 2003/2008 not Windows 7
  • A few new functional changes but mostly about performance and fit and finish

Gmail has changed the perception of Web mail. – Simple and easier to deal with, accessible from any computer

  • Related: Gmail goes offline: Long expected, but this is a game-changer

Also in Windows 7 news...

  • Windows 7 public beta set to end February 10
  • Rumors of a Netbook SKU..

Rumours of a Dell cell phone codename MePhone(?)

Microsoft has patented a docking technology that would allow cell phones to work less PCs do. Allowing you to have a cell phone that can turn into a PC, an all in one device.

iTunes Plus goes a la carte

  • Previously, you had to upgrade your entire collection in order to get DRM-free 256 Kbps AAC tracks. Now you can pick and choose
  • iTunes now a first-class choice for online music w/ Amazon MP3 and Zune Marketplace
  • Leo expresses regret a spending $353 on upgrading his iTunes library to iTunes plus.

Tip of the Week

More Windows 7 theme packs ... many are based on Mac wallpapers

Software of the Week

Gladinet Many readers have recommended this: It lets you access SkyDrive from Windows Explorer (and other things).


Audible Pick Of The Week

The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches: Enjoying Life More by Spending Less by Jeff Yeager (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Ad Time: start 1:02:26
Elsewhere, U.S.A.: How We Got From the Affluent Society to the Home Office by Dalton Conley (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Christopher Lane

Ad Time: end :1:08:15


Notable Comments

Paul – We're moving in a world that is post- all kinds of things, if you think about it, I mean the world's changing very rapidly. Leo – This technology is disrupting the powers that be, the Status quo and as a result we have to re adjust our way of thinking about it. (Time: 33:40)

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