IPad Today 11

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iPad Today
Episode 11

iPad Today 11: Alternative Browsers, 4.2 for Devs, FLUD vs. Pulse!

Leo and Sarah show off the best submitted alternative iPad web browsers, why Leo can't talk about iOS 4.2, Conan loves Angry Birds, Sarah loves FLUD, and Leo loves Settlers! Oh, and some holographic tricks.



Mon-Avis by P-DEZINE: iPad stand Leo showed off at the beginning of the show.

  • Browsers
    • Comparison of alternative browsers to Safari
      • Atomic [1]
      • ilunascape
      • Mercury
      • Lastpass
      • Perfect Browser
  • Leo uses the Marware Ecoview case
  • Andy Ihnatko's site - cwob.com -> now is ihnatko.com
  • App Caps
    • Sarah's Pick - FLUD
    • Leo's Pick - Settlers
      • Bonus - Animalia




  • Carbonite.com with offer code TWiT
  • carb 3
  • ad times: 1:03 - 1:13 and 40:15 - 42:00

Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff and Sarah
  • Notes:
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